Broader Impact

RVCR is a unified solution for an comprehensive alternate industrial strategy
to create new green transport and energy systems for a Zero carbon Industry ecosystem


RVCR technology availability ends the long-wait for viable smarter energy conversion system. It supersedes the conventional machine systems which are now at the end of their technological lifecycle.

The entire spread of RVCR application for green fuel usage and renewable energy power generation systems marks the begining of end of the era of fossil fuel machnies.

Shaping Green transport

Green fuel / Hydrogen fuel transition

RVCR provides a platform for green fuels to compete with fossil fuel without added investments.

Fuel agnostic Primemover engines relieves for instability due to disruption in supply logistics form current fuel sources by enabling use of newer green fuels. RVCR eases pain of ‘End user’ and Industry to adapt to changing environmental regulation requiring new investment in product upgrades for compliance.

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Stricter Emission control

RVCR empowers industry to devise better product strategies for compliance to newer stricter emission regulations with-out conflicting with existing petroleum economy which is averse to any drastic change. This section is under construction.

lower carbon foot print

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Green energy transformation

Enter climate energy

RVCR new age highly efficient Fluid motor will enable rapid diversification into Renewable Energy sources.

Enter ocean energy

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Efficient power use (Kamators)

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Efficient utilities

RVCR will alleviates the Industry pain of costly Incremental enhancement strategies shall see emergence of next gen green-tech Primemover unicorns invigorating a new economy based on recovery from the climate catastrophe and providing direct employment at all levels. RVCR technology template for newer generation superior drive motors based on the Mechanism for wind, Hydro and solar Thermal energy conversion and even in electric motors.

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Easy adaption

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Green economy

Reinvigoration of a new age green machine economy.

New Life cycle

RVCR lays the foundation of transition to Next-Gen Green Prime-movers that leads to wider industry turnaround and reinvigoration. Furthermore, RVCR will open new technological alternatives to formulate long-term clean tech strategies in wide range of sectors for dealing with climate change regulations and achieve Net Zero Carbon 2050 goals with ease.

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Global green Transitioning


RVCR – makes unhooking from fossil fuel vaible.

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